Lars Seniuk is head of the jazz programme and professor of jazz trumpet, ensemble and big band at Music And Arts University (MUK) in Vienna, Austria and also teaches at the universities in Frankfurt, Germany (arranging and big band conducting) and Weimar, Germany (jazz trumpet).
He also gives private lessons in Berlin, Hamburg and Vienna to professional musicians and teaches masterclasses throughout Europe.

Lars Seniuk is known as one of the leading experts on brass players' embouchure and technique problems. He also is a certified Burba®Brass teacher.

„Profound knowledge, combined with unwavering optimism, charakterizes Lars‘ teaching. His analytical view on the roots of technical problems always leads to a solution-oriented approach. He is able to not only give the theoretical background, but always gives clear and practical instructions for one‘s practicing. I am very grateful for his humorous and consequent way of teaching. He definitely ranks as one of the world’s leading chop doctors.
With the highest possible respect, Stefan“

Stefan Houy (principal trumpet Hamburg Philharmonics)

"Lars‘ enormous competence and reassuring nature gave me the courage to change my embouchure after 30 years of being a professional brass player. The result is without exaggeration a technical rebirth which gives me the ability to play things I hardly was able to play ever before – and I can feel that it’s still getting better each day. I wish every colleague to experience this motivation: playing and practising is more fun than ever before. I hardly wanna put my instrument away. Plus I have the certainty to be in the best hands possible and to be able to get profound advice at any time. Thank you, Lars!"

Christophe Schweizer (Basstrombone/Tuba The Lion King, Hamburg – freelancer, ex Mingus Big Band, George Gruntz Concert Jazz Band)

"Mindfulness, accuracy, knowledge and proficiency describe this man, who helps so many of "us" get through their musical careers successfully. With utmost attention, strict but humble, he accompanies his students on their individual paths. He always has an encouraging smile - "we will get you there" - and the perfect tips, no matter whether it's about playing or the inner attitude. An amazing human and mentor in every aspect."

Attila Szegedi (principal trumpet Symphonics Hof)

"I went to see Lars Seniuk, because I was facing some problems with my playing technique and was looking for something providing me with more stability as a trumpet player. What I got was so much more. Because of Lars Seniuk and his method not only my trumpet playing improved a lot, but he also got me on the track of success, because he embodies positive thinking, profound knowledge and hard work and thus acts as a role model as well as a consequent teacher, who asks for everything you need to be successful as a trumpet player and musician. I am deeply grateful for that."

Hans Lehmann (principal trumpet Philharmonic Orchestra Ulm)

"In Lars Seniuk I found a coach, who helped me develop every aspect of my trumpet playing through his competence, consistency and his friendly and humourous character and teaching. I am very grateful for that."

Martin Frieß (trumpet player Hamburg Philharmonics)

„Lars guided me through a very demanding period with tremendous playing technique issues and had an important role in unlocking the creative force within me. His detailed understanding of playing a brass instrument combined with his fine musicianship and personality makes him unique.” 

Martin Olsen (Berlin based trombonist, composer, conductor)